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Urban Mystic


That means I see you. I fulfill my sacred purpose by assisting others as a bridge between Quantum fields and the physical world. I am the keeper of a special skill set which allows me to access the divine matrix that surrounds us. It is my soul’s purpose to liberate people to heal themselves. I call myself a modern mystic. Everyday life is divine energy. My experiences have led me to understand how ancient knowledge and current science are at the core of all God Consciousness. I practice and demonstrate this truth through my work.



I am here to bring you the healing message: “You are not alone.”


I was born with psychic abilities and always felt a Divine presence. I was drawn to figure skating, poetry, art and music. Skating allowed me to engage in a moving meditation.  My consistent practice of movement, expression and stillness grounded me and helped me awaken with an expanded awareness of consciousness. I understood how spirit and science work hand in hand.


​Each one of us is capable of supreme healing of the soul. I believe the reason we are alive is to become the fullest expression of who we are. As we integrate all aspects of our being we illuminate our truest nature. The process is simple yet profound, as we embrace the life force energy that is waiting to be acknowledged.


My vision for the future is that mindfulness will replace fear. Technology will be a tool to expand our global consciousness. As we create harmony and balance, we become more spiritually intelligent.  By changing ourselves we begin to change the world.

I am a healer, writer and teacher of universal mystical principles. I work with individuals and groups all over the world who want to bring their lives into balance.  


I am a writer, a poet and a storyteller. I use the term sacred to convey awareness and respect for the myths that help us to flourish as spiritual beings having a human experience. A raconteur conveys stories in a way that resonates with people. A story shared is a way of “cross pollinating” our experiences. Stories expand our awareness and connect us with our mythic and spiritual layers. It is my soul’s purpose to liberate people to heal themselves, which is the foundation for healing the soul of the world.


I understand the science behind my clairvoyant abilities. I am able to provide a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical worlds. To do this I travel outside of time and space, knowing that the organizing principles of matter rely on the invisible space that surrounds it.


A Shaman is not what I do, it is who I am. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice we know, and most mainstream religions are based on shamanic principles. These open systems of belief cover a broad spectrum across the globe. As a shaman I use nature, myths, and ancient practices as guideposts in the healing process. I am a bridge between this life and the invisible. I use spirit to assist me and encourage healing.


I am a mystic because I have an insatiable curiosity to know God and the mysteries of the universe. While these are experiences with the divine, they are translated through the lens of current society. I work as a conduit for pure source energy to flow. I am guided by Spirit to release your spiritual wounds so that you can love your own enlightened self. I believe this is the foundation for healing the soul of the world.


Blending the subconscious and conscious guiding principles that have shaped your life so far. In this session we access your unified energy field to reveal what your guides or higher consciouness wants you to know.


After identifying where you are holding blocked energy and traumas, I will activate your healing. Your energetic pathways will be cleared and soul fragments tenderly brought back into your body. A proceess you particpate in to integrate all aspects of who you are. 


Now that your life force energy is fully engaged, you will receive sustainable tools to aid in your life's journey. You will have access to the feelings and spiritual/mental discipline needed to manifest the life you desire. A path which is steered by living in alignment with your authenticity. 



“Ninotchka has the very special distinction of having a comprehensive set of gifts that spans the spectrum of shaman, healer, sage, and visionary.  I can always count on the fact that she has done her own work to be an absolutely clear and accurate channel for the sole benefit of her client's healing, understanding, and empowerment.” 

—  Shaman Jon Rasmussen


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