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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I have known her a long time. A dear friend to me, she has shouldered my pain when I needed a resting place. She has an enchanting kind of charisma, and our secrets easily spill from us. We swear like sailors and cackle like hens. We raise our fists toward the heavens and curse gravity for pulling at our precious skin. We roar with laughter, believing for a few moments that life is actually that funny. Beautiful beyond knowing, she is even more stunning when she cries. She can light fires with her flaming tears. Inside her heart the big fire burns.

She has an unwavering passion for horses. I asked her how it feels when she rides her horse, Captain, a jet-black thoroughbred and her best friend. In a moment that was as poignant as a hot branding tool to the soul, she began to cry.

"I feel really in love, all week I count the days till I get to see him. Come Saturday, we are on our trails where things are just easy. I am back home, in heaven, I feel, in gratitude. Horses represent freedom. I don’t have to be anything when I’m with him, I get to be me. Nothing matters when we get to be wild and free.”

Deep inside my belly, I felt her words sear. As I listened, there was no separation between us. I felt her magic cling to me. I felt her communion with joy, recalling my own experience ice-skating, when I am no longer a human being, only consciousness connected to pure source energy.

As she broke the horse she broke herself wide open. And from her guts spilled the shiniest diamonds. It was all that heart, soul, muscle and sinew. The true grit of our days lies within what whispers through our bones.

The power of a story makes us transcend our limitations. We mutate with ease without knowing how or why. We share our oneness when we cry someone else’s tears. Our tears are tiny diamonds carving the pain into our faces. It is a deep affirmation of our instinctual selves. We are the shiny people because we know the whole galaxy is within us.

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