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Sleep To Dream

It has been 18 hours since the last time I slept to dream In my awake life I stutter to make sense The constant stream of dead men walking I would rather be musing the mysterious landscapes in my mind Through my lens of an untangled world where stories unfold Without today’s expecting An epic journey in wanderlust Made abruptly short by my child’s cry from the bedroom next to mine I jerk back into the world of tethers Reminded of my maternal calling My children, my family and associations I keep awake And again, I will wait As I did the day before And the one before that My great wish…. I may sleep to dream. And live AWAKE

This poem is about the intense desire to create. Sleep to Dream is a metaphor to describe how desperately I crave time alone. Let my words give birth to sentences and grow into paragraphs. Until, after much gestation a story is born. So I am able to breathe my life.

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