Holding Space

Legend tells us that the hummingbird floats free of time. Moving in a continuous blurry pattern of a figure eight, they carry our hopes and dreams on their tiny wings. They hold their space in the air by suspending their little bodies at the center of a continuous energetic loop.

Hummingbirds carry the healing message I give my clients, family and friends. I “hold space” for them. I am on one side of the figure eight; while they are on the other side. The holding space is the center where the two intersect, the place where all of the energy links to form a vortex. It represents a divine matrix where I and You actually become We. There is no judgment, only a sense of belonging, as delicate energy expands and comes together into a graceful loop.

We sense an invisible structure, increasing our inner space and depth. The spaciousness is an expansion one person holds while another grows into energetic awareness. When we hold someone, we become an anchor of compassion until our energy is united in love. It says, “Hush… stop…wait…let me breathe”. Breathe into our lungs together until the tiny voice inside is heard and satisfied.

My three-year-old daughter asks me to pick her up in my arms. I know that She wants to relieve the pull of gravity from her legs. My six-year-old says, “Hold me” when he wants to snuggle into my chest and experience the beat of my heart as it syncs with his own. With yearning eyes as they meet my own, my 25-year-old daughter asks in silence “Hold me”. And for a moment, time stands still while I absorb words unspoken. My mother, who has Parkinson’s disease, sits in her lazy boy as electricity continuously sends tremors throughout her frail body. She loves it when I sit on the floor and rest my heavy head on her lap. The weight of my skull acts like an interrupter in the electric current. “Hold me” means anchor my energy like the hummingbird’s moving stillness. Holding anchors our healing space for the energy to hover for a moment before moving on through time.

Trust and courage provide the momentum to make healing happen. Focusing on the struggle of healing keeps us in the pain of the past. Acknowledging the struggle while focusing on being healed lets the future inform the past.

By holding space for ourselves we integrate our shadows and reclaim all of the Light that is rightfully ours.

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